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Practicing dentistry over the past 15 years, we have both felt and observed the effect that mental health problems can have on individuals and teams in the dental industry.

Since COVID, the world of dentistry changed significantly, where we all experienced higher levels of stress and uncertainty in relation to consumables, protocols, but most importantly, staff and lack thereof.  It means that there has never been a more important time to focus on our mental health, as well as the mental health of our teams and understand the positive impact it will have on our business. 

Through the sharing of stories and strategies, we are hopeful in helping owners realise how important mental health is and how it can help their teams and business.  By developing psychological safety in our workplace, we will not only have a positive influence on the team’s mental health, but also create an environment which many will choose to join and stay, as well as grow and thrive.

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Through the one day workshop, your team will:

Start the conversation about mental and general well-being

Learn strategies to improve their own mental well-being

Discover practical tools to reduce stress almost immediately

Learn how to improve psychological safety in the workplace

Build and strengthen connections and culture in the team

Experience moments of relaxation through breathwork

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The mental health insights seminar/discussion is, in one word, AMAZING!

Many people in dentistry, auxiliaries and dentists experience mental health issues. I’ve seen it first hand. These guys have developed an excellent resource for the dental community that not only draws on their own personal experiences but mixes in scientific data to share a “strategy” to enhance outcomes with respect to mental health.

My brief to them was a little different to what they normally do. I wanted them to train my managers in dealing with mental health issues amongst our junior staff.

Their normal course shares insights on helping yourself to deal not only with the struggles that come with our profession but also life in general. They discussed prevention and give practical tools to keep your mental health in tip top shape.

I walked away hugely impressed.

I’ve known both boys for quite a while and they are both great people and easy to talk to, but by opening up and sharing their own stories, they were able to get our staff to engage and participate openly and freely.

The feedback from my staff was phenomenal. Highly, highly recommend.

Dr Nauvneel Kashyap (Raceview Dental)

$5000 for your team*

*For SE Qld Practices and excludes GST 
$500 travel fee for North QLD, Sydney and Melbourne Practices
*Up to 20 team members.  We prefer a limit on group size
so that your team members get the best possible experience.

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