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Viet's Story

Dr Viet Le graduated from the University of Queensland (BDSc) in 2005. In 2014, following a traumatic event involving a close team member, he realised he struggled with mental health issues of his own. When Viet became a partner in the dental practice he was working in 2015, The Dental Project, he made it a mission to make mental health a priority. Since then, he has built a team who are more aware and supportive of mental health problems, while also using the strategies he’s learnt and applied them to his own life to help with his own marriage and raising his two young children.

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Chiraag's Story

Dr Chiraag Devani graduated from the University of Queensland Dental School with first class honours in 2005. After working for ten years Chiraag found that something was missing for him in terms of career fulfilment - which was starting to take its toll on his own mental health. It spurred him on to a search for some deeper answers. Buying a one-way ticket to Northern India, his quest delivered much more than he bargained for. After 18 months travelling through four continents, spending most of his time in The Himalayas, he came across a multitude of healing modalities that have greatly helped with his own mindset and mental health and well-being.

Our Story: About Me
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