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Dentist Workshop

Practicing dentistry over the past 15 years, we have both felt and observed the effect that mental health problems can have on individuals and teams in the dental industry.  In saying that, we have always felt a very personal connection to the stress felt by the clinician in providing the dental treatment. 

Through experiencing these effects as dentists over a long period of time, and going through our own personal journeys, we believe the time has come for a change. By starting the conversation and implementing certain methods, we can begin to address this often unspoken about, yet critical, issue present amongst many of us.

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Through the dentist workshop, you will:

Start the conversation about mental and general well-being

Learn strategies to improve your own mental well-being

Discover practical tools to reduce stress almost immediately

Learn how to communicate authentically

Build connections with other like minded dentists

Experience moments of relaxation through breathwork

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I found the workshop to be very engaging and found the presentation style and environment very friendly and inclusive.  The content was definitely thought provoking and essential in this line of work and even in my personal life


Look forward to putting all the content into practice.  Thank you both for the beautiful workshop.  100% recommend to one and all.


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$600 for 6CPD hours*


*Excludes GST and limited to 12 dentists

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